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The purpose of this Web site is to create a virtual location where the widely dispersed Snellen family can meet and exchange introductions, post pictures of their families, announce reunions, get to know each other and learn of our roots.

I have been receiving lots of positive feedback from the extended Snellen family. I have heard from family members in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, France, Netherlands and Australia.

The Web site now lists the families of John Snellenbarger and James M. Snellen. John is the current "head" of the Kentucky branch while James is the "head" of the Missouri branch. In all likeihood, the two families are related, but a link cannot be found. Thus if you are a part of the Missouri family, start with 2.0 James M. Snellen. There you can follow the links to the present.

The Snellenbarger Family Book tab is a narrative of the early Snellenbarger/Snellen family and is very interesting reading. The Napier Family Book is a narrative of the early descendants of William Napier. Both were compiled by Emma-Jo Levey Davis. I highly recommend reading both of these.

The Name Index is an an alphabetical listing of everyone named on this Web site. If you are not in this index, please let me know. I am always doing research and constantly receive new and updated information so check back often. The Family Tree is a listing in the tree format. It provides a quick reference to see the various family structures.

The Factoids currently contains a relationship chart. An interesting way to determine how you are related to someone else in the family. I plan to add to this page as I develop some meaningful family statistics.

I want to thank David Louis Snellen of Murray, KY and Emma-Jo Levey Davis of Williamsburg, VA for their help. They did much of the initial research work.

I am very interested in feedback. Please check if you are included using the Name Index page. I am adding new information and links almost daily. If you are not listed, please use the Add Me form to include your family. We are missing a lot of folks. Please send comments to I hope to hear from you.

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