James Evans

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1.2.2 James Evans (b. 1825; d. 1872) Born 1825, and died Aft. 1866. He married CATHERINE DUVALL. She was born 1827, and died Aft. 1873.

+ Catherine Duvall (b. 1830; d. 1874)

Additional Notes: After James died, Catherine Duvall married Levi Davis of Texas (Bullitt Co MB 2, pp. 68-69) 19 May 1873. She was the daughter of John L. Duvall and Mahala Bird. Her children, W.D., Mahala, Margaret and David, probably moved away from Bullitt County with their mother and step-father. The date and place of James' death are not known. Their last child was born in 1866; James does not appear in the 1870 Federal census; his widow Catherine remarried in 1873. Isabell Evans (b. 1850; d. ) Nancy Ann Evans (b. 1852; d. unk) Catherine Evans (b. 1853; d. unk) W. D. Evans (b. 1855; d. ) John L. Evans (b. 1857; d. unk) Mahala Evans (b. 1860; d. unk) Frank Evans (b. 1863; d. ) Margaret Evans (b. 1864; d. unk) David Evans (b. 1866; d. unk)

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