Lewis Snellen

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1.3.03 Lewis Snellen (b. 1832; d. 1881) Born 1832 in Crooked Creek, Bullitt Co., KY, and died Aft. 1891 in KY. He married (1) CHARLOTTE CATHERINE HART. She was born January 06, 1840 in Bullitt Co., KY, and died July 12, 1866 in Crooked Creek, Bullitt Co, KY. He married (2) MELISSA O'BRIEN. She was born 1853 in KY.

Addition Notes: Also spelled Louis. Lewis moved to Scotland County, MO, in the 1850s, probably in the migration that included his uncle John L. Snellen and their neighbors Charles Hart and his family. Soon thereafter, Lewis married the daughter of Charles Hart. Scotland county, in northeastern Missouri, was plagued with Civil War skirmishes as both sides fought over this Border State. About 1864 Charles Hart and his wife and younger children moved to Texas and Lewis and Charlotte Catherine returned to KY where she died. No service record (on either side) has been found for Lewis.
In 1867 Lewis put his sons in the Shaker Colony at Pleasant Hill, KY. In October 1868 he signed, with his mother and siblings, a confirmation deed (Bullitt DB R, P. 281). Lewis has not been located in the 1870 FC; and he might have returned to Missouri. However, he certainly was in KY in October 1871 when he sold his interest in his father's land to his brother Israel (Bullitt DB 5, p. 480). He remarried in Nelson County 26 Dec 1872.
The three boys left (ran away, according to family legend) the Shaker Colony about this time. Allen was listed in his father's household in Lebanon Junction in the 1880 FC; William and Herschel were not shown. The last record found to date (September 1993) of Lewis is the Bullitt County Tax List for 1881 where he owned a lot in Lebanon Junction. He was a brick mason. Allen's wife Sarah Emma Smith described Lewis as short and dark, which would indicate that she had met him (Allen and Sarah Emma were married in 1891).
Was Lewis a family name or was he named for their neighbor Lewis Duvall? Did he move to Texas with his sisters and their husbands? Lewis and Catherine were double second cousins. They both descended from Michael Deats: Lewis' grandmother was Michael's daughter Nancy Deats while Catherine's grandmother was Mary J. Deats. They also both descended from James Holtzclaw. Lewis' grandmother was James' daughter Nancy Holtzclaw Napper and Catherine's was Diadema Holtzclaw Edwards. Burial: Crooked Creek, Bullitt Co., KY

+ Charlotte Catherine Hart (b. Jan 06, 1840; d. Jul 17, 1866) Charlotte Catherine's birth and death dates from gravestone in Snellen family cemetery on Crooked Creek. Also, Federal census records, Bullitt 1850 KY; Scotland, MO, 1860. Marriage record, Scotland Co, MO. Also see Donald Claire Hart, Descendants of Henry Hart 1750-1986 (Santa Cruz, CA, 1988), hereinafter Hart, Henry Hart. William Waggoner Snellen (b. Jul 27, 1858; d. Sep 23, 1923) Allen Howard Snellen (b. Aug 20, 1860; d. Feb 11, 1942) Herschel Green Snellen (b. Jan 17, 1863; d. 1910) Jonathan M. Snellen (b. May 25, 1865; d. Jul 10, 1866)

+ Melissa C. O'Bryan (b. 1853; d. ) (2nd wife of Lewis Snellen) James Snellen (b. 1875; d. 1888) Alice Snellen (b. 1877; d. 1900) Henry Snellen (b. Mar 1880; d. )

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