Susan Snellen

Up Home Next Susan Snellen (b. Sep 01, 1861; d. Mar 21, 1892) was born September 01, 1861 in Bullitt Co., KY, and died March 21, 1892 in Bullitt Co., KY.

Addition Notes: Family notes say she never married; had two illegitimate sons. The children were raised by their grandfather, George Washington Snellen, who gave them the Snellen name. Family rumors speculate the sons father could have been a "Walker". From Jody Davis: The sketchy notes I have say that Susan's first son's father was a Barger, and his brother Enoch's father was Enoch Leach. Can't vouch for this. However, if they were illegitimate then there should be "support" records in the courthouse.

+ ? ? (b. ; d. ) John Stanley Snellen (b. Jul 11, 1881; d. Jan 15, 1969) Enoch Snellen (b. May 24, 1886; d. Jun 06, 1963)

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