Sylvester Levin Snellen

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1.5.11 Sylvester Levin Snellen (b. Jun 15, 1859; d. Mar 17, 1921) Born Bullitt Co., KY 6-15-1859. SYLVESTER died 3-17-1921 Bullitt Co., KY, at 61 years of age. May have been 3-24-1927. His body was interred Pitts Point, KY, Snellen Cemetery.

Addition Notes: He married MARY ANN DRUIN Hardin Co., KY, 1907.

+ Mary Ann Druin (b. 1871; d. ) Born Hart Co., KY 1871. MARY was the daughter of JOHN DRUIN.

Additional Notes: According to Bullitt Co. Marriage Records, vol. 6, this was a second marriage for Mary Ann Druin. Easter (Esther) Snellen (b. 1909; d. ) Dica Snellen (b. Nov 01, 1912; d. Jan 09, 1992)

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