Lawrence Albert Snellen

Up Home Next Lawrence Albert Snellen (b. Sep 03, 1931; d. ) Born September 03, 1931 in Jefferson City, MO. He married SYBIL RHYNE December 31, 1955 in Bowie, TX, daughter of JOHN RHYNE and IVA BELL.

+ Sybil Rhyne (b. ; d. ) Sybil graduated from what was then Oklahoma College for Women at the age of 19. She taught home ec. in Neosho, MO and was a Fulbright exchange teacher in London, England in 1953. She and Lawrence were divorced in 1976. Michael Greogory Snellen (b. Oct 29, 1958; d. Aug 1986) Susan Elizabeth Snellen (b. Sep 25, 1961; d. )

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